INVEST IN COLD FUSION - Invest In Cold Fusion

How to invest money in cold fusion energy

Households are currently sinking thousands of dollars a year in heating, air conditioning, and powering their homes. With gasoline prices constantly on the rise, people are clamoring for natural alternatives.

LENR and Cold Fusion
Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi have come up with a solution to the worldwide woes. With a device called the Energy Catalyzer, or E-Cat, Rossi and Focardi have found a way to transform nickel-hydrogen and other elements into energy using Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). The E-Cat device is capable of producing 15,000 watts of energy using only 400 watts.
With implementation scheduled for later this year, Rossi’s E-Cat will revolutionize the energy world. Cities will run off of E-Cat devices, rather than nuclear power plants. Environmentalists will be happy because Energy Catalyzers have no emissions. In a few years, E-Cats will change everything.

An investment that pays off
Imagine being there when the Internet was being built. When Bill Gates was building the empire that became Microsoft. The E-Cat provides the chance to get in on the forefront of new technology.
The E-Cat hasn’t yet received American and European patents, but applications are in progress. Rossi was granted an Italian patent. He is very clear that until the patents have been issued, details about his E-Cat are under wraps.
Except for investors. Rossi is offering exclusive rights to the technology to investors as an incentive for them to participate. He is also offering a share of the profits to investors, which could mean big bucks for anyone getting in on the front end.

Energy investments
One thing is for certain. If consumers have investments in energy or oil companies, now is the time to pull out. The E-Cat is sure to replace all traditional sources of power. Investors looking to shift investments can easily move those investments over to two companies Rossi has created in America to manufacture the E-Cat. Those companies are Leonardo Corporation and AmpEnergo.
Currently, Rossi will not give tours of any of his manufacturing facilities to the public. Investors might be a different issue, however, as Rossi believes investors have exclusive rights to information. Rossi’s American plants are in Florida, where he plans to create as many jobs as possible to manufacture E-Cat devices.

Rossi has made clear that he has no plans to publicly demonstrate his product, believing this would only invite theft. He believes investors should be kept in the loop, but once the E-Cat is deployed the customers will be the true test. In his lab in Italy, he will continue to work, not to test his device but to develop further technologies and new uses for the technologies he’s already invented.

Investing in alternative energy
In the past few years, investors have been eyeing alternative energy sources as our society becomes more interested in making major changes. With the U.S. President vowing to transfer our planet to alternative sources of energy by the year 2035, the government has begun switching spending to research and development of alternative sources of energy.

Once E-Cats are in place, the government will likely hone in on this new technology, measuring it against alternative sources of fuel and electricity. Since the E-Cat runs efficiently and cleanly, it is likely to be a top contender for the government’s attentions, leading investors to start turning attention to it as well. By the time the mass public realizes Rossi and Focardi are onto something, investments in Energy Catalyzers will be in high demand, so those who got into it in the beginning will be ahead of the crowd.
Rossi has iterated that the E-Cat can run on one cent per kilowatt hour. The average household is currently running on ten cents per kilowatt hour. Think of your current electricity bill and imagine receiving a bill for one-tenth of that cost. Now imagine a car that can run without fuel and a world with no smog, acid rain, or pollution. The air you breathe would be clean…the world we live in would be free of global warming.
Rossi and Focardi have imagined that world…and they are on the brink of making it a reality. Invest today and learn more about this amazing technology.

Invest in Cold Fusion

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